Six months

2018 will certainly be a year of change. There is so much in the past and so much more on the horizon. I am both excited and enthusiastically terrified of the future, terror that each day deserves respect and diligence to attain its potential.

Later this month I will start the beginners climbing course with the Washington Alpine Club. After applying for spots impacted by a 3:1 ratio of applicants to students, completing a phone interview, and convincing myself I could attend all classes and events without fail (required for the course), I made the cut. I've eagerly looked forward to this all autumn and winter. In the past, I have spent quite some time climbing rock, but never took advantage of the Cascades's full potential of proper alpine climbing and mountaineering. What makes this opportunity so exhilarating is the chance to be exposed to such activities while under the instruction of far more skilled climbers, mentors if you will. Safety will always remain my top priority on the mountain. And having people more skilled than me lead the way is both comforting and reassuring. This class will run through the month of June and culminate with a summit attempt of Mt. Baker. Everything from basic climbing on rock, glacier traverse, self-rescue, and winter camping will be covered. I am fairly confident that my past experiences have more than prepared me for such instruction, but it's great to have a chance to learn the material never before experienced (namely the snow and ice activities). I hope to chronicle those adventures photographically and textually here in the blog.

Each month I ought to spend a few minutes talking about the progress of completing resolutions for 2018. The list is quite long, but I took care to pick things that I felt were reasonable and attainable. Talking about them aloud in the blog will force some level of accountability and reflection that will certainly assist in prodding me along to finish them.