Much thought went into trying to identify goals I could work towards for the calendar year. Each one had to be something I could easily cross off a list and not be some squishy idea that could either be wiggled into or out of doing. Some of these are slam dunks, easy to do. Others are certainly reach goals, but what's the point if you're not trying and striving for something a little harder to do? So, for public consumption and accountability, here are the goals for 2018:

  1. Heal the ankle and return to a regular schedule of running, with a goal of twice a week minimum (5 km runs are the required minimum to count as a run). Bonus: sign up and complete a half-marathon in 2018. Note: I already did run a half marathon last year (by accident), but it wasn't an organized event. So, there's that experience I would like to try.
    -- Target date for completion is June 1st
  2. Return to a regular weight lifting routine, with a goal of twice a week. There is evidence that muscle mass and bone density decrease after thirty years of age. The best activity to counteract this is weight training or resistance training. So, I need to do a better job of including this kind of exercise in my routine. I've managed to get the running part of it down pretty well (when not injured), but I've been put off how busy the gym at work can be, so I need to try and go in the mornings before work.
    -- Target date to start is February 1st (to avoid the "get fit" resolution crowd at January 1st
  3. Learn to cook three new dishes well. Quality is assessed by a third party.
  4. Purge twenty or more items. If anything new is acquired, the purge count goes up by one for each new item acquired.
  5. Bike commute to work at least one time per week. It's a long-ish ride to work, 16.7 miles each way. I've been pretty good so far about riding once or twice a week after purchasing the proper clothing. That is, until I got sick. So now I am just waiting for the hacking cough to go away before resuming this insanity.
  6. Do an outdoor activity at least once a month. This will be easy to do once the climbing class gets underway (see previous post).
  7.  Save for that road bike I keep telling myself I am going to one day buy.
  8. Go on a "big" trip this year. I don't know where yet, but I need to actually use that vacation I keep hoarding.
  9. Rebuild the vCard website (you're basically on it now).
  10. Finish the two outstanding academic papers I owe my professor from Japan. (Oh, this one is embarrassing).
  11. Read twelve or more books for the year.
  12. Build and implement a uniformed wardrobe with at least 60% success rate (basically, wear the uniform at least three out of the five weekdays). And by uniform, I am talking about the same shirt and look. Take away the work of deciding what to wear every morning.
  13. Go to the climbing gym at least once a week. 
  14. Figure out and begin to implement a software strategy for all of the digital photos. Right now they are everywhere on hard drives and servers and in the cloud. I really need to tame that hydra. 

So far I have completed number 9 and am partly on my way to finishing numbers 5, 12, and 13. 

Gotta keep at it!

Tyler LeBrun